Transitioning to Fall Skincare | Algenist Liquid Collagen Review

Transitioning to Fall Skincare | Algenist Liquid Collagen ReviewTransitioning to Fall Skincare | Algenist Liquid Collagen Review Transitioning to Fall Skincare | Algenist Liquid Collagen Review Hello & Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a good start. I have been loving new fall makeup and nails but another thing we need to think about is transitioning skincare to fall essentials. Today I’m sharing a few things to swap out from summer to fall in your skincare arsenal to help prepare for the harsh winter. Skincare is something that I don’t skimp on, it’s definitely something that I don’t think twice to invest in, after all, it is the only skin you’re going to get and it’s the canvas for your makeup. Do you indulge in luxury skincare? Let me know if you’d like a drugstore fall skincare routine too.

Transitioning to Fall Skincare | Algenist Liquid Collagen Review


If you use cleansers for acne prone or oily skin you can probably switch to a more hydrating cleanser unless you have super oily skin all year. I have been loving the Soy cleanser by Fresh, it’s so refreshing and you can use it all year.

Serum/Treatment Product

Now is the time to start boosting your skin’s moisture so you can prepare for the colder months. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know I love Algenist. They just came out with a new product, the GENIUS Liquid Collagen. It’s a vegan/plant-based serum with a high concentration of active collagen. The bottle has 13,000 beads of microalgae oil to hydrate, plump, and restore your skin’s radiance. It’s probably thicker than most serums/treatments you’ve used before but it absorbs quickly, you can apply moisturizer after if you want (I do). My skin feels so smooth and looks healthy this product is literally genius, you need to try it asap.


You can change your lightweight mattifying daytime moisturizer to a more hydrating formula. I love the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisturize Glow Face Cream, it’s perfect for hydrating and giving you a healthy glow while protecting you with vitamins. You can also add more of a rich nighttime moisturizer to the mix. I actually love using oils at night. My favorite right now is the Phyto Replenish Oil by Dermalogica (I’ll link it below in the shop section) it’s lightweight and amazing, it restores your skin, locks in moisture, and protects you with antioxidants.

Vitamin C

It’s always a good idea to add some vitamin c into your skincare. It helps even your skin tone,  protect your skin from the environment and also restore damage already done by the sun and pollution. I think the Cosmedix vitamin c crystals are super handy to have, you can add them to any skincare product.


What are you switching over to so far this season?

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