Urban Decay Favorites

Hello! Today I want to share my current Urban Decay favorites! There are so many new and great things by Urban Decay but today I am going to share three of my current favs.
Urban Decay Favorites
Urban Decay Favorites
Urban Decay Favorites
First is the Naked Basics 2 pallet. I don’t have the Naked Basics original pallet but I am loving the cool tones and colors of this one. These shadows go on so smooth and blend easier than any other shadow I have used. I love all of these colors and they go so well with my cool skintone, the color stark is actually the same color as my skin and disappears, you can see that in the swatch. These are all matte colors but using a shimmery shadow over these works great if your missing sparkle!
And then there’s the brush. This is an awesome double-ended brush, one end for smudging and one for blending. The hairs are synthetic, so vegan friendly with no weird animal hair. This brush has made applying shadow (not my best thing) so much easier for me!
Next is the Black Magic double-ended, waterproof eyeliner set. This set has four different double-ended liners, blacks on one end of each stick and color on the other. The first is Perversion/LSD, Perversion is the most pigmented, darkest black (my favorite). LSD is a gorgeous dark blue with lighter blue sparkles. The next one is Black Velvet/Smoke, Black Velvet is another dark black but doesn’t go on as smooth as Perversion and Smoke is a nice matte charcoal grey. Third is Black Market/Tornado, which is a charcoal shimmery black and a dark beautiful shimmery purple. Last is Zero/Demolition which is another smooth dark black, just not as dark as Perversion, and Demolition which is a nice smooth matte brown.
Lastly I want to share my love for the Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm. This is a perfect illuminating BB cream, it’s not sparkly but reflects to illuminate your skin well. I use this under my everyday foundation, it goes on very smooth and isn’t heavy or greasy at all. This product claims to protect, perfect, treat, prime, and hydrate. I haven’t been using it long enough for the long term benefits like overall skin improvement/anti-aging but so far I love everything about it!
I have no complaints on any of these Urban Decay products and recommend them all!
Currently on my Urban Decay wishlist:
Smoked Pallet
Naked 2 Pallet
Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm
What are your favorite Urban Decay goodies right now?! Share/Comment!
I have decided to make every verse of the week one of The Beatitudes (since they did inspire the name of Beauty and Beatitudes!) until we get through them all, if you aren’t familiar with them, the are in Matthew 5:3-12.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3
Thanks for reading!

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