We Feed Raw Dog Food Review

We Feed Raw Dog Food Review We Feed Raw Dog Food Review

We Feed Raw Dog Food Review

Why Raw Food

Kibble has only been around for about 100 years. In that time there has been a drastic and continued increase of disease in our pets — chronic degenerative diseases; auto-immune diseases; allergies; kidney, pancreatic, and liver diseases; cancer, and more. Experts believe these diseases are directly related to eating a processed diet that is species-inappropriate. (Sounds like humans too, huh?)
This is not surprising: Kibble is usually cooked in heat of excess of 212 degrees F, thereby destroying all the essential elements and making it harder on a canine’s digestive system. Kibble pet food manufacturers add these elements back in, usually by spraying them on after the process. Many vitamins and minerals are depleted after being paired with so many preservatives in kibble.
Luckily, there’s a better way: people who switch their pets from a highly processed kibble diet to a diet that closely duplicates what dogs ate in the wild — a natural, raw dog food diet — will often see positive results within just a couple of weeks. Over time, the health benefits can be life-changing and long-lasting.
A well-balanced raw food diet for dogs includes all the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. And with We Feed Raw, it’s easy for pet owners to begin feeding a raw diet to their dog today.

Benefits of Raw Food

  • improved digestion
  • better weight control
  • cleaner teeth
  • softer & healthier skin and coat
  • reduction in allergies
  • smaller firmer stools
  • mealtime excitement
  • stronger immune system

How We Transitioned to Raw Dog Food

you will get a guide specific to your dog but basically, we cut the daily package into chunks and slowly incorporated them into Frankie’s kibble for a time span of about 2 weeks. Don’t just switch the food without a transition, we did this not thinking about it and Frankie did get diarrhea. Since switching gradually (about 4 months ago) she has done great and we’ve had 0 issues.

What We’ve Noticed

smaller poops and less poops // guys this is more amazing than you think. Just think about going for a walk and not having to pick up a large pile of mush 1-2 times each walk. Most of the time she doesn’t poop at all on our walks anymore. Less poop=less poop picking up and for me, that’s a huge win

less water intake // this is because We Feed Raw provides food in its raw state. The raw diet is about 70% moisture and is low in sodium. Because kibble has had the water removed, dogs constantly have to drink water to stay properly hydrated.

excitement // Frankie wasn’t excited to eat before We Feed Raw and she would let her breakfast sit for hours before she’d eat it & honestly that made us sad and was part of the reason we thought about switching. She is SUPER excited to eat breakfast and dinner and it makes me so happy that she loves it.


here is the link to shop We Feed Raw & use code DOGSNOW25

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