Weekend Skincare

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Ahh the weekend is almost here again! We’ve been working on a few things over here at B&B and I’m so excited! We are throwing around ideas and can’t decide whether to start a podcast or a youtube channel!? What would you rather see from us? Let me know in the comments!
Today I want to share another favorite of mine, this week it’s my weekend skincare. All week I stick to the same pretty boring (but effective) skincare routine; cleanser, serum/treatment, moisturizer, etc. So on the weekend I like to spice things up and use some other fun skincare products.


I give my face some time to chill out by not wearing makeup on weekends. So if I know we’re staying home for the day I do my skincare routine and that’s it! & it feels so good. If I do wear makeup I keep it minimal, like a BB cream, mascara, and lipstick.

Clay Mask

I love using face masks. My skin feels so good after using a mask. I have been loving charcoal masks and clay detox masks. My favorite current concoction is some Clarisea charcoal powder mixed in with some Formula 10.0.6 detox mask. I also love skin calming masks with ingredients like cucumber or oatmeal.

Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are also really nice because it doesn’t make a mess. If you aren’t familiar with sheet masks they are literally a cloth sheet that you drape over your face. The mask has holes in it for the eyes, nose, and mouth. My favorite sheet mask is this blue lotus one by Purlisse.


I like making my own scrubs with coconut oil and sugar, you can also add your favorite essential oil. I really love the scrubs by Argan Republic also, last year they had a pumpkin spice one and it was to die for. What are your favorite facial scrubs? I’ve been looking at getting some new ones to try. Weekends are a good time for using a lip scrub also, if you don’t already use one everyday. I try to remember using mine about every other day, I just use whatever oils and sugar I have around to make my own.


Weekends are the time to break out your expensive, luxurious lotion and body creams. I absolutely love Philosophy’s body soufflefresh cream is my weakness. Take a hot bubble bath with candles and music then moisturize! I also like using moisture masks, you can find some overnight masks like this one from Clinique. When moisturizing don’t forget your lips! I love using my Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm, I use it at night and I can literally still feel it in the morning. I also love Nivea’s lip butter to use overnight.


Another thing I like to sneak into my weekend skincare routine is a peel. I favorite are the Juice Beauty green apple peels. Juice Beauty is an organic brand so these peels are individual pads saturated with fruit acid. You just open the pad and cover your whole face with it before bed. Peels brighten your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Pore strips

Pore strips are something I like to add about once a month to my routine. Using these too often can actually have adverse affects on your skin. I think the instant gratification of seeing what you pull out is why most people use them. I like the charcoal ones by Biore, and like I said, I only use them about once a month. These strips also come in an individual packaging. You wet your skin, apply the strip, then remove it once it dries to unclog pores.

What’s your weekend routine? Share your favorites in the comments!

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