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Wellness Wednesday | Detox Your Home

Wellness Wednesday | Detox Your Home Wellness Wednesday | Detox Your HomeWellness Wednesday | Detox Your Home Wellness Wednesday | Detox Your Home
Hey, friends! Today’s Wellness Wednesday post is all about simple ways to go through your home and eliminate toxic chemicals. This is something I did gradually in our home, but these tips will help you clean up each area.

Wellness Wednesday | Detox Your Home

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that most of your products are probably toxic to some extent. The good news is that Young Living has you covered (and so do I, my goal is to help you ditch all toxic chemicals and switch to clean alternatives).

Cleaning Supplies

This one was the easiest for me // eliminate ALL cleaning products and buy a $22 bottle of Thieves that’ll last you 6 months or buy a Thieves starter kit, more about that below. I have a lot of DIY cleaning tips like how to make soft scrub, window cleaner, etc right here and right here.


Get rid of all laundry products. This is one of the more extensive areas that probably won’t happen overnight. I use:

  • Thieves laundry soap
  • DIY fabric softener (16 oz white vinegar + 20 drops EO)
  • DIY scent booster (half Epsom salt, half baking soda, 20-30 drops EO)
  • dryer balls
  • Thieves stain stick (DIY with 1/2 Thieves household cleaner and 1/2 Thieves laundry soap + lemon EO)
  • Fabric Refresher spray (DIY water, witch hazel + EO)


dish soap, dishwasher detergent, hand soap // I now use Thieves for all of these.


body wash, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion // I use mostly Aveda, Toms of Maine, and Young Living for these. Download the Think Dirty app and scan all of your products asap.


skincare products and makeup // I make a lot of my own serums and oily things but here is a list of ingredients to watch out for in beauty products

  • parabens
  • SLS
  • artificial color
  • artificial fragrance
  • phthalates
  • petroleum
  • glycols
  • DEA
  • BHT
  • isothiazolinones
  • mineral oil
  • silicones

HELP what do I do? Where do I start?

  1. don’t panic
  2. I got you

Download the Think Dirty app and scan everything + toss all the bad stuff.

Grab a starter kit

( I recommend the Premium starter kit with the Desert Mist diffuser or the Thieves Starter Kit)

Then each month, swap out one of the topics above with a clean alternative. It doesn’t have to be done overnight, doing this gradual is okay!


anyone who gets the premium starter kit will also get a Thieves Household concentrate


grab a Thieves starter kit and also get samples of my favorite oils, lemon, lavender, and frankincense.

ALSO all kits ship for free during the month of October.

Sounds easy right? It is! Let’s do this together! I can’t wait to help you.

Click here to grab your kit!

Questions? email me at torey.noora@gmail.com

or DM me on Instagram

Thanks for reading today!

x, T

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