Wellness Wednesday | How To Start Each Day With Intention

Wellness Wednesday | How To Start Each Day With Intention Wellness Wednesday | How To Start Each Day With Intention Wellness Wednesday | How To Start Each Day With Intention
Hey friends! I hope you’re having the best summer! I know I’m not alone when I start to feel “over” summer and ready for a routine and cooler weather. We’re so busy and random these days that I sometimes forget to start my day right. To me starting my day right means starting it with intention. There are lots of things I do, not all of them every day, but here are some ideas.

Wellness Wednesday | How To Start Each Day With Intention

Stretch and Meditate

I love stretching and it always makes me feel 1000x better but I often forget to do it! While stretching I like to meditate or direct my focus on the things I am grateful for.

Deep Breathing

Establish positivity before your to-do list starts adding up in your head by counting a cycle of deep and slow breathes for 3-5 min or more if you can.

Take Vitamins/Supplements/Probiotics

Gut health is super important guys, so much so that I’m going to do a whole updated post on it. I’ve chatted about it here. I am still taking Hyperbiotics, I’ll link them below. I also take magnesium, B12, and a few others. Listen to your body and figure out what it needs. You can also lookup personalized vitamin companies, I haven’t tried any but they look super convenient.

Oil Up!

I have a morning oil lineup and I do it every single day. It does change from time to time, right now it includes Progessence Plus, Gratitude, Valor, White Angelica, and my immune-boosting roller. I also use my morning serum with Frankincense, Lavender, Copaiba, and Palmarosa. If you want to start using oils and change your life let me know! Click here to read more or click here to grab a starter kit (the best way to dive in).

Read + Pray

Read whatever it is that brings you joy and inspires you, for me, it’s the bible. I also spend time every morning praying for the day. I get a lot of ideas for living with intention in a book I’ll link below called How to Live with Intention.

Coffee + Good Breakfast

Try to incorporate as many colors as you can with plants and fruits/veggies.


You don’t have to do a CrossFit workout but do something that you like, maybe it’s going for a walk, but aim for 30 min of movement.

What do you do to start your day? I hope you found some helpful tips and things to incorporate into your morning routines. You can shop anything I talked about below.


Thanks so much for reading today!

x, T

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