Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips

Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips

Hey, beauty! Welcome to my new series, Wellness Wednesday. Wellness is a huge part of my life and blog. I asked you guys if you’d like to see tips on being overall healthy and you all said YES. This series is going to be tips on eating, working out, self-care, spirituality, skincare, nutrition/diets, wellness gadget reviews, etc. For today’s first Wellness Wednesday I am going to share my tips on running and my journey as a “runner”.

Wellness Wednesday | Running Tips

I started running in 2013 before my wedding. It was part of my workout routine and I figured out how to enjoy it. Before this, I hated the thought of running and hated every second of actually doing it. Heres’ how I eased into it and came to love it.

  • I got a 5k runner app.
  • I eased into it, I repeated weeks on the app, I didn’t push myself.
  • I got good shoes. (I started with Asics and they were amazing, I now have a pair of Nike running shoes that I am obsessed with)
  • I ran for me and made short term goals.
  • I looked up the correct form and practiced getting better at it. (just Pinterest this, there’s tons of info)
  • I learned how to breathe while running.
  • I found good running music // this makes all the difference.
  • I got good headphones.
  • I always stretched afterward.

So, that is how I started a few years ago. Since then I’ve had 2 babies so I took breaks here and there. *Currently, I am on week 3 of the 5k runner app (I started it again after Z) and it’s going great. I still use all of my tips and motivation from before. It’s a lot harder now than it was 5 years ago but I am doing it, slowly but surely. So here are a few tips from modern-day me.

  • I think it’s important to find a healthy balance and set goals for yourself and not for others. You should want to be your healthiest/best self, don’t set your goals according to comparison/others/etc.
  • I now have a treadmill at home – this isn’t necessary for everyone, I actually loved going to the gym to run (or going outside) but with 2 kids it’s just way easier to have a treadmill so I can jump on whenever I get time/and no matter what the weather is like. **PRO TIP I found a super nice one on the FB marketplace secondhand!
  • Cute workout clothes are my *reward* when I finish a week/ accomplish my goals. They make such a difference too, def a good motivator.
  • Running is therapeutic, so find ways to let yourself enjoy it, even if it’s just a 10-20 min session.
  • Since having kids I run with a belly band on, it just helps with my posture and helps me sweat more.

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I hope you found this helpful! If you like these kinds of posts then get ready for wellness Wednesday every week!

Thanks so much for reading.

x, T

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