What To Buy For Fall On Amazon

Happy Friday! I’m back with another Friday 5 for you guys. Today it’s 5 things from Amazon that you need for Fall!

What To Buy For Fall On Amazon

  1. BROWN CHECKERED BACKPACK // I have not used a regular purse since being a mama. Backpacks are the best thing ever. This one is super affordable and it actually is a nice quality. It comes with a wristlet too which is a bonus. They have different color options too, I’m thinking about getting the gray one.
  2. BLACK JEANS // I’ve been a fan of black denim for a long time. Fall is just the perfect time for them. They go with everything and are definitely a fall staple.
  3. SHERPA // Ummm, can you even survive during the fall months without a cozy sherpa? I linked a few other ones including a leopard one right here.
  4. LEOPARD JAMMIES // I am just beyond excited that leopard is back baby. Anyone else a leopard superfan during the Jersey Shore years? Totally Snooki throwback.
  5. COMFY SLIPPERS // Let’s be real before I bought these UGG slippers I bought a new pair of “fuzzy” slippers every year. I wear my slippers every single day from September – April so I need a pair that is going to hold up and these are it, my friends. Totally worth the splurge. And they do actually keep my feet warm.

What have you bought for the Fall season?

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