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What You Need for Your Second Trimester | Summer Pregnancy

What You Need for Your Second Trimester | Summer Pregnancy


Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to share the things that I’ve been loving lately in this second trimester of pregnancy! I am in my 6th month now and I’m feeling really good. The second trimester is probably the most boring one, but also a good one because there aren’t too many symptoms (or as many as the first or third). So this means you’ll need some things to keep you busy and active. This is also a differnt pregnancy for me because last time I was pregnant it was fall/winter, so here are the things you’ll need for your second trimester during the summer.

Pregnancy Essentials | Second Trimester

  • cute active wear, because that’s all that fits these days
  • comfy bras, because yours are probably getting tight
  • cute sneakers, comfy is key here
  • digestive chews
  • energy boost, who couldn’t use this?!
  • books, stock up on books and planners and journals
  • foam roller, for the sciatica pain
  • comfy sandals, again comfy is key
  • t-shirt dresses, these are all I’ve been wearing
  • maternity swimsuit, go to the beach!
  • cozy robe, I wear my PinkBlush robe all morning every morning, it’s the best
  • water bottle, you’re going to be thirsty so stay hydrated!


  • CND, this polish is easy to apply and will last you all week, I PROMISE, I have a post on it here
  • body butter, you’ll be needing this for like the next year
  • bath salts & bombs, I’ve been loving the glow 9 organics brand
  • SPF +SPF lip balm, you can’t have enough, I linked my favorite one this year, it’s super fast & easy to apply
  • facial spray, these are e s s e n t i a l in the summer, pregnant or not
  • micellar water, such an easy way to cleanse if you’re feeling, erm, lazy. the one I linked below has vitamin c!

Thanks for reading! Are you pregnant? What trimester are you in? Let me know in the comments!

x, T

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