Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season

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Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season

CBD is everywhere, it’s in skincare, oils, haircare, gummies, +more. It can be confusing and overwhelming so I’m going to simplify it for you and tell you why CBD is perfect for going into the holiday season. I’ve been using Plus

CBD 101

CBD, cannabidiol, is one of the primary natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that bind the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors throughout your brain and body // there are over 113 different cannabinoids in hemp.

Cannabinoid receptors are embedded in cell membranes throughout your body // there are two, CB-1 which is predominantly present in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands and organs and CB-2 which is found in the immune system.

CBD interacts with your ECS // your ECS regulates processes in the body such as appetite, pain, mood, memory, peripheral nervous system and more.

The cannabinoid system performs different tasks but always has one goal: homeostasis or balance/stability.


+ Hemp and marijuana are not the same plants, but they are both from the cannabis family.

+ CBD does not contain THC, therefore, will not get you “high”. They contain 0%THC, are non-intoxicating, and legal across the USA.

Why CBD is Perfect for the Holiday Season

CBD is known to relieve stress, I mean this is a no brainer right?! Holidays = stressful.

CBD is also known to reduce inflammation // there’s no better time to get on top of your health! Especially so you can run around with all the kiddos, open up all of your gifts, and make your way to the dessert tables.

CBD also helps people sleep // umm there is no better time than the present to get some better zzz’s. A lot of people travel during the holidays so a little sleep support during travel is always a plus.

My Testimony

I’ve been using Plus Products, a brand new line of hemp-based CBD gummies. The flavors are really yummy and there is a blend for everyone (balance, sleep, uplift). I’ve been taking them consistently for about 3 weeks, and so has my husband. I just take one per day, it’s recommended to start with one gummy to find your just right.

Here are the two things we noticed a huge difference with.

  • Sleep // I have been sleeping like a log and waking up rested, not groggy.
  • Mental Clarity // Throughout the day I notice that I am remembering things better and I’m able to focus more clearly, also not getting as stressed out as easily.


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  • Uplift Grapefruit Gummies // each gummy has 50mg of CBD and vitamin B.
  • Balance Blueberry Gummies // super yummy and 50mg of CBD per gummy.
  • Sleep Blackberry Tea Gummies // also really yummy, and has 1mg of melatonin + 25mg of CBD per gummy.

Thanks for reading!

x, T

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  1. I was just reading about these the other day, and they truly sound fantastic. I’d love to try them for myself sometime!

  2. I’ll have to introduce these products to my mother in law. We have been giving her CBD oils for her Parkinson’s and it calms her shakes.

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