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Young Living Essential Oils vs Revive Essential Oils | Torey Noora


Young Living Essential Oils vs Revive Essential Oils | Torey Noora

Hello! I am so excited to finally bring you this video. I shared my unboxing of my first Revive order now I’m doing a full comparison of Young Living Essential Oils vs Revive Essential Oils. Watch to see what I really think about the two brand and how they compare when it comes to quality, testing, smell, and price + more

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Pricing Comparisons

immune boost oil

  • 10ml Revive Immune boost $14 (YL thieve dupe) // PER ML = 1.4
  • 5ml YL Thieves $20.07 ($15.25) // PER ML = 4.01
  • 15ml YL Thieves $47.70 ($26.25) // PER ML = 3.18


  • 10ml Revive Lemon $7 // PER ML = .70
  • 5ml YL $8.55 ($6.50) // PER ML = 1.71
  • 15ml YL $15.79 ($12) // PER ML = 1.05


  • 10ml Revive Harmonious healing $19 (YL progessence plus dupe) // PER ML = 1.9
  • 15 ml YL $52.63 ($40) // PER ML = 3.50


  • 10ml Revive Lavender $9 PER ML = .90
  • 5 ml YL $16.45 ($12.50) PER ML = 3.29
  • 15ml YL $33.22 ($25.25) PER ML = 2.21


  • 10ml Revive Breathe air $12 (Doterra breathe dupe) PER ML = 1.2
  • YL breath again roll on 10ml $36 ($27.50) PER ML = 3.6
  • 15ml YL Raven $49.01 ($37.25) PER ML = 3.2


  • 10ml Revive Peppermint $7 (organic $11) PER ML = .70
  • 5ml YL $14.14 ($10.75) PER ML = 2.8
  • 15ml YL $30.26 ($23) PER ML = 2


  • 10ml Revive Joy $16 (YL joy dupe) PER ML = 1.6
  • 15ml YL $58.88 ($44.75) PER ML = 3.8

dish soap

  • Revive dish soap 12 oz $9
  • YL dish soap $19.08 (14.50)


  • Revive CBD 10ml (500mg) 10ml per serving $25
  • YL CBD 30ml (500mg) $105.20 
  • Q: Why does the YL CBD say for topical use if it has stevia (for taste I’m assuming)

carrier oils

  • YL v6 carrier oil 8oz $30
  • Revive range of carrier oils from $10-$30

cleaner concentrate

  • Immunity boost concentrate 12 oz $14
  • YL Thieves concentrate 14.4oz $30.92

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Thanks for watching!

x, T

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  1. Interesting to listen to – I use Young Living oils and have also looked into revive. The price differential is quite easy to explain when you consider that revive allows fractional
    distillation and buys from many oil producers and mixes oil from various producers and batches, whereas YL does not mix individual lots and either does not accept less quality lots or if from their own farms uses the rejected oils in farming practices. I’d encourage you to do a bit more research on both companies sourcing. I am a big fan of the science labs staffing and the research YL does, and the huge 30 year library they have of oil profiles and components. I use oils more for what they will help me with than just a pretty scent. I do believe there are other quality oil brands, but revive is not one of them. I also abhor how Revive has copied YL oils but I doubt when properly tested will have the same effectiveness.
    I do like how YL is doing more science and harvest and production based videos- that is definitely an improvement!
    Please use the member pricing- I can’t imagine any one buying at retail price with YL when it is so easy to join and get the wholesale price.
    I was glad to hear that you want to do aromatherapy training- that’s awesome!!

  2. Hi! I’m wondering if you can share your thoughts on Progessence Plus vs Harmonious Healing after a bit of time. I switched from PP to HH and am experiencing unwanted side effects of perimenopause. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if HH just doesn’t stand up to PP. I’d love to hear your updated review after giving it a try for a while. Thanks!

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