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7 Thing to Avoid in Skincare Routines | Skin Resource.MD

Thanks to Skin Resource.MD for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

7 Thing to Avoid in Skincare Routines | Skin Resource.MD

  1. Lots of claims / promises
  2. Lots of ingredients in products
  3. Lots of steps in a routine
  4. Gimmicky products like animal print face masks (just one example)
  5. Fragrance, and parabens (series I’m doing. You can go back and watch those videos to learn more about each. I have a list of other inegredintes Im’ going to add to the series too
  6. Not formulated or recommended by a dermatologist
  7. Chemical sunscreen / I also did a video on chemical vs physical/mineral sunscreen and why you should opt for the mineral ones

other notes:

A LOT of your skincare starts in your gut. Eating healthy balanced diet and taking probiotics will help so much. Sugar and dairy are my acne triggers so test this out and see how your skin reacts


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