Girls Night Out? Pack These In Your Clutch

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 Girls Night Out? Pack These In Your Clutch Girls Night Out? Pack These In Your Clutch

Hey ladies! Today I’m talking about what you should have in your clutch on a night out. I am definitely one who needs to be prepared for anything but also wants to keep my purse/clutch light when I go out. Here’s what I bring along with me on a girl’s night out, an event like a wedding, etc.

Girls Night Out? Pack These In Your Clutch

Long Lasting Lipstick

This is just an essential for any event, you don’t want to reapply your lipstick every 5 min so opt for a long-lasting liquid lipstick. I always bring a matte liquid with me, Tarte, Physician’s Formula, and Anastasia are my favorite brands. You can shop my favorites below.

Sole Serum

How many times have you been out of the house for an hour and realized your shoes are killing you? I have a solution! Sole Serum is an oil-infused lotion designed to relieve pain from wearing painful shoes. The bottle is made small enough to fit in your clutch and it works in just one minute. Get a FREE bonus bottle when you purchase a 4-pack at soleserum.com – use code GETONE, expires 7/31/18


I have a little oil-absorbing powder I’ve had for awhile that I always pack. It has a poof on the top and the lid has a mirror, how handy! You can also pack some oil blotting sheets, you never know when you’ll need them!


Rollerballs or sample size perfumes are the best for nights out!


I bring gum everywhere I go, it’s just another essential!

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