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Beauty Favorites 2020 | Best in Beauty 2020

Beauty Favorites 2020 | Best in Beauty 2020

Hey, friends! I am very excited to share the best in beauty from the year. This year has been a doozy, ya? I have been more intentional and minimalistic about my routines and have chosen the best of the best to share with you guys. If you’re new around here I try to use products that are as clean as possible (like minimal ingredients, nontoxic products, and as natural as possible). I chose to go “clean beauty” a couple of years ago because it’s mind-blowing to learn about all of the dangerous products on the market that are disrupting our hormones, messing with allergies and asthma, etc. Learn more here.

I have a couple of products in each category below. I will also be adding a YouTube video review on all of this in the next couple of days. All links to shop will be at the end of this post. OH, surprise! There’s a giveaway at the end of this post, and it’s super easy to enter!


I’ve been making my own leave in spray/treatment for a couple of years. It’s rosemary, cedar wood, lavender, witch hazel and water. You can also add a tbsp of conditioner. It soothes my scalp and promotes hair growth + healthier hair.

I’ve also been into powder dry shampoos this year. Shea Moisture has the one I’m using currently, it’s clean and smells so good. Aveda also has one that is great.


essential oils

dry shamp


It’s no secret that Scan resource MD is my favorite skin care brand of all time. So there are a couple of favorites by them like they’re gentle cleanser, baobab moisturizer, and BH a treatment gel.

SHOP // skin resource.md discount code: torey10

I also have a few other favorites, and they’re mostly oils that I use at night the Prima night magic botanical skin treatment for radiance + balance is a CBD oil for skin. Besides having the most beautiful packaging in bottle it’s a really nice oil and I love the benefits of CBD for skincare.

SHOP // prima night magic

My Dry Skin Serum by YL is amazing and makes my face incredibly soft. I love that it has essential oils for skin support but it also just smells so so good.

SHOP // essential oils

The other skin care oil I have been loving is by Derma E, another clean beauty brand favorite. Their anti-wrinkle treatment oil with Rosehip and grapeseed oil’s is so good for aging skin. It also has Seabuckthorn oil which I love and it has retinol which makes it anti-aging, at 30, Mama needs this one.

SHOP // anti-wrinkle treatment oil


Again my make up has been very minimal but I do have a few favorites that make a really quick easy make up look.

CONCEALER // This new liquid concealer by Savvy Minerals is literally the best concealer I’ve ever used in my life plus it has essential oils to help with skin, I am obsessed. // click here to shop

FACE PALETTE // this pallet by true and luscious has been my favorite for over a year now, it’s clean beauty, and honestly one of the best face palette I’ve ever used. I use the warmer bronzer mostly and the champagne shade of highlight but it also has a blush and two other shades of bronzer and highlighter. The formula is super soft and blends in like a dream. // click here to shop

GLOW POWDER // my make up look is never complete without a good glow, Laura Mercier is one of my favorite bands of all time but not every single one of her products are in “clean beauty “so proceed with caution if you are only into natural nontoxic products. My favorite product though for a glow is the matte radiance baked powder in the shed highlight one it’s so glowy without being over bearing. // click here to shop

BROWS // I just finished up an Aveda eyebrow pencil and it was great, it wasn’t too soft and not to waxy, and the best part is it’s clean beauty approved. The only con is that it was a pencil you have to sharpen versus a twist-up but other than that I love it and will re-purchase. I’ve also been using the Laura Mercier clear brow gel, and I love it. // click here to shop


This year we have found a few different clear nail polish brands, and that’s super important especially when we’re painting the girls nails. The 3 brands we love are Ella + Mila, EMMA, and Halo Hand. The top coat and primer by Ella + Mila are the bees knees and you need them both. We also use their nail polish remover, another important one to have on hand.


Ella + Mila


Halo Hand


I fell in love and found my vibe in a jewelry company, Ana Luisa. I am super impressed with the quality of each piece, being at the price is super fordable. But one of the things I love the most is that they are sustainable brand and working harder towards being even more sustainable/reducing carbon footprint.

SHOP // Ana Luisa Jewelry


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Thanks for reading! What was your favorite beauty product of the year?

Happy New Year

x, Torey

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