Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Kids’s Edit

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Kids’s Edit


Kids can never have too many books, Will You Be My Friend? Is such a cute one and would make a good gift for any occasion.

Will You Be My Friend is the Guess How Much I Love You sequel, a classic baby shower gift, and is such a sweet story about friendship and growing independence.


Unicorn Inflatable Ride-On Toy

This has been such a fun toy! Can you imagine how cool it is to someone the same size as it? The girls definitely fight over this one so we might have to get another so we can do some unicorn races across the living room floor.

It’s a blow up ride-on unicorn which is cool in case you need to store it, it does become more compact.


Conversation Cards

Who needs some stocking stuffers ideas? Emery is at the age where it’s fun to have conversations because she is getting so smart, and she LOVES learning new things. These cards are perfect for car rides or dinner time because they have lots of thought provoking conversation starters. It saves a lot of talk about poop, and pooping if you know what I mean. (Anyone else kids obsessed with poop, just mine?)

They have 3 different packs of cards, Let’s Jokes!, Let’s Think!, Let’s Talk!, we will definitely be getting all of them!

Because I love a good story behind a company, I have to share this one. Open the Joy was started by a mom who had to spend months with her child in the hospital for treatment. The company is focused on healing through play. They have conversation starters, activity kits, STEM activities and more. Lastly, they are partners with Spread the Joy Foundation // who gives free activity kits to hospitalized kids across America.

Open the Joy’s motto is simple: You Play. We Give. Kids Heal. 

Use code MERRY for a free Unicorn plush with orders over $40


Bath & Body

Beloved Bath is a candle, soap, and bath product company founded by moms on a mission to create a joyous, purposeful work environment for their sons and others who have autism.

This is one of the girls favorites,, they are all about bath & body products just like their Mama. These soaps are super cute (Zara’s favorite is the elephant) and they’re phthalate-free and made with natural fragrance and colorants.

Beloved Bath also has a hand cleansing spray and let me tell you, the sprays are SO convenient esp with kids! We don’t go anywhere without it.

If you want to make a social impact, shop gifts with meaning, shop clean products, help with autism employment, and donate to autism related causes, Beloved Bath is your place!


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Baby Alive 

These Baby Alive Tinycorns take imagination play to a whole other level. The girls are in love with the fact that you can feed the baby and change her diaper, we’re going to need a pack of diapers at the rate Emery likes to “feed” her lol. I really can’t think of a better gift for our unicorn-loving, pretend-play girlies. A couple more of these will definitely be under the tree so we can all play together.


Pretend Play

Emery is definitely going to be our fine arts kid. She already loves ballet and acting out different scenes from her favorite movies and shows. Play On! Offers these subscription boxes (or individual kits) based on the age of your children. The box comes with everything you need to create a screen-free audio-musical adventure.

The one we got is the Ice Cream Factory Fiasco. 

Here’s the story description //

” An Agent 11 Adventure. Melt Down, the enemy of all things yummy and delicious, has taken over the old, abandoned Ice Cream Factory. Melt Down’s plan: to bury the town in hot fudge sauce! Your mission: to save the day! Run around, make choices and solve puzzles in this musical secret agent adventure! “


Use code ADVENTURE10 to get 10% off all Play On! orders. 

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