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Why You Should Drink Organic Milk

Thanks to Horizon for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own.

Hey, guys! Today I’m talking about organic foods, grass-fed cows, all the things we use milk for, and why we want to make sure we’re buying the best milk for our babies.

Why You Should Drink Organic Milk

What Does Organic Mean +Why We Should Care

As you know, we’ve been cleaning up our routines from beauty to food – meaning we’re eliminating toxins and chemicals from our lives. One of the things we’ve been doing is buying organic.

Organic farms are held to very high standards and practice sustainable farming. These farms are protecting and enhancing our natural resources! How awesome is that?! We get organic produce whenever possible and now even organic milk.

We just found Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk at Walmart and I’m so excited. It’s non-GMO, has no antibiotics, and no persistent pesticides; even their cows eat organically (how cool is that?!). Horizon Organic cows are grass-fed, raised humanely, and aren’t given antibiotics or growth hormones.

What Are Grassfed Cows?

I LOVE the idea of grassfed cows, it just makes so much sense. Grassfed cows spend lots of time in their natural habitat grazing and even eating organic grass in the pastures.

To recap the above

  • at Horizon farms, cows are raised humanely
  • the cows aren’t exposed to toxins and persistent pesticides
  • so YOU aren’t exposed to toxins and persistent pesticides
  • AND organic means safer for you
  • wins all across the board

Ways We Use Milk

As a mom of two, we go through a lot of milk and I don’t see that ending any time soon. Emery drinks 3-4 sippy cups of milk every day and I use milk in my smoothies and coffee every day. Besides that, we use milk for cooking, cereal, etc. As one of the main parts of Emery’s diet, I want to make sure she’s getting the best stuff not to mention milk that’s also beneficial to our environment.

Where To Buy Organic

I love to go to farmer’s markets as much as possible but the easiest and most convenient way to shop organically is at Walmart! They have a nice selection of organic produce, and all the organic food & drinks you need! The prices are always amazing, you really can’t beat them! PLUS they also have the grocery pick-up so you don’t even have to walk around the store for an hour shopping! #momwin

You can shop Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk right here.

Thanks for reading today!

x, T


*No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST-treated and non rBST-treated cows.** Per National Organize program regulations Organic rules prohibit the use of pesticides that are harmful to human health.

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