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How To Use Essential Oils With Skincare

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Hey, friends! Today I’m sharing a few tips on how to use oils with skincare. I love the skin benefits of Frankincense and love adding it to almost everything (same with lavender). So I’m sharing those today with some of my favorite Skin Resource.MD products. It’s easy to add a couple of drops in your favorite products and I love the added skincare benefits. I’m also sharing a few other oils with skin benefits for different skin types. What’s your favorite oil to use for skincare?

We’ve been using oils for over 2 months now (read my 2-month update here) and I absolutely love them. Click here if you want to start your oily journey with me! I’d love to have another person to share all the oil tips and wins with!

How To Use Essential Oils With Skincare

More Tips

+ use lemongrass oil to balance oil production

+ start by using a bit of your product with just 1-2 drops of oil to see how your skin will react, etc.

+ start small, you can always add more

+ use lavender at night/in your night creams to help you relax and sleep better

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