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October ER Order | 2019

October ER Order | 2019

Hey hey! Today is like Christmas you guys, CHRISTMAS. I love getting my wellness box each month. And I explained it in the video like this. I used to have lots of random subscriptions that I didn’t really need (like Ipsy, Sephora Play, etc.) and we also used to use Amazon’s subscribe and save. Since using Young Living, I’ve canceled all unnecessary boxes and transferred all Amazon stuff to YL because it’s safer and so much better! So when you ask yourself if you can afford to add another cost each month think of those things I mentioned. Also, ask yourself how much your health and building your wellness cabinet is worth to you, to me it’s priceless.

Here’s what I got!

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October ER Order | 2019

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

This is our first seedlings line purchase. I’ve heard about people also using it for eye cream and concealer which I thought was super interesting so I’m going to try it.

Joy Essential Oil

I got this to make perfume and I’m so so excited, it smells amazing. Warm and floral.

Endoflex Essential Oil

SO MUCH support with this blend. It regulates thyroid function, supports the endocrine system, improves adrenal glands, helps pineal and pituitary glands, increases metabolism, hormonal balancing.

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste Samples

I got these to try and to give away so be on the lookout for some sample offerings on toreynoora.oils.


Emery gets a nervous stomach and talks about having a stomach ache sometimes so I got this for her. It’s for any and all digestive issues so I’m glad we have this in our arsenal.

*Free Gift* Nutmeg

I already had nutmeg and loved it. It’s amazing in all fall diffuser blends.

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