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How To Choose More Sustainable Products

Thank you to Perfect Packaging for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions  are my own.  

One of my goals as a clean living blogger is not only to share great nontoxic products/ brands but also ones that are conscientious of their carbon footprint. Today I am partnering with Perfect Packaging because of their work with many brands (Seventh Generation is one of many) to create better packaging solutions, and they’re making a big impact. 

Perfect Packaging uses flexible plastic packaging (think those resealable, more efficient pouches like the ones pictured). Some of our favorites are the laundry pod pouches, dishwasher pod pouches, and of course baby wipes because kids are messy. Here are a few reasons why you should look for it the next time you’re at the store! 

Less Energy Use  

  • Flexible plastic packaging uses less material which then conserves resources and uses less energy 
  • The flexible stand-up pouch has significantly less greenhouse gas emissions largely due to using much less material and a less energy-intensive laminating process 
  • Compared to the flexible pouch, rigid containers for laundry and dishwasher pods have a 660% larger water footprint, yikes 
  • Rigid containers have a fossil fuel usage nearly 504% greater than that of the flexible stand-up pouch, again this is making a huge impact 

Less Waste  

  • More efficient layers to protect what’s inside which equates to less food/product waste 
  • Easy to reseal, and then again, keeps the product better longer 

More Convenient  

  • Flexible packaging is just that, flexible, which makes it better for shipping and traveling 


  • About 50% of flexible packages are easily recyclable through in-store drop-off programs, while the other half can be chemically recycled or used as energy feedstock

These are all things you should be considering whenever you buy products. As  consumers, we have a responsibility to be conscientious of how we are affecting the earth with every purchase. I am always looking for new, easy changes you can make to live more sustainably – looking for flexible packaging rather than traditional plastic tubs, etc. is such a simple way to do your part. 

I also learned a lot from their website as well, you can check it out right here https://perfectpackaging.org

I say this a lot, but creating a more non-toxic home and reducing your carbon footprint  is a process, it won’t happen overnight. The most important thing to remember is that  making small changes every day will impact you a lot in the long run, my goal is to  make this simple for you and share different actionable and manageable tips to help  you along the way. Let me know if this was helpful! 

Thanks so much for reading today, I appreciate you! 

X, T


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