Top 5 Most Expensive Young Living Essential Oils

Top 5 Most Expensive Young Living Essential Oils

Top 5 Most Expensive Young Living Essential Oils

  1. Rose $198
    1. Used for skin for thousands of years
    2. Antiinflammatory
    3. Antioxidant
    4. Relaxant
    5. Reduces scarring
    6. Anxiety
    7. Skin conditions
    8. Brings balance
  2. Melissa $168
    1. Anciently, Melissa had used for nervous disorders and many different ailments dealing with the heart or emotions
    2. Used back in the Middle Ages for stress and anxiety
    3. Promotes sleep
    4. Improve appetite
    5. Digestion support
    6. Anti-inflammatory
    7. Balances emotions
  3. Neroli $111
    1. Promotes happy mood / relaxant
    2. Hypotensive
    3. Used for hypertioneions, anxiety, depression, hysteria, insomnia, skin conditoins, like scars and stretch marks)
    4. Inspires confidence, courage, joy, peace, sensuality
  4. Sacred sandalwood $101
    1. Used for centuries for skin, yoga, meditation
    2. Antibacterial
    3. Antiviral
    4. Immune stimulant
    5. Cold sores 
    6. Skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, scars
  5. Blue tansy 5ml $98
    1. Gets it’s color from the constituent chamazulene
    2. Anti-inflammatory
    3. Anti fungal
    4. Anti-itching relaxant
    5. Used in all the fancy diy skincare serums


  1. GLF 15ml $140
  2. Higher unity 5ml $135
  3. Juva cleanse 15ml $114
  4. 3 wise men 15ml $94
  5. Present time 5ml $92

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