Easter Basket Gifts with Hasbro

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Easter always sneaks up on me, but it especially did this year because it’s so early! As a kid I used to love doing Easter egg hunts, especially outside if the weather was nice. Then we would open our Easter baskets which were usually full of candy. As a mom now, we like to talk about the meaning of Easter, open Easter baskets, and then do some activities together and just spend some time together as a fam. We are definitely team, toys + activities vs candy + sweets for Easter baskets, how about you? 

Today we’re sharing some of the things we got for the girls baskets, and some cute spring toy and activity ideas. Hasbro has toys for everyone, and they’re always a huge hit with the girls. I’m sharing some of our favorites along with links to shop, and they’re perfect for Easter baskets so make sure you get your shopping in time before April 4! Lots of these are available at your local retailers so shopping for parents is even more convenient.

Easter Basket Gifts with Hasbro

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My Little Pony Smashin’ Fashion Rainbow Dash

These are so much more fun than the regular My Little Pony dolls, there’s a bit of a surprise aspect with a little package that you have to smash to open. It was really fun and Emery loved seeing the surprises inside. Rainbow Dash comes with 7 accessories including roller skate shoes, belt bag, visor, and 2 overall dresses and both girls love dressing her up.

My Little Pony Smashin’ Fashion Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer is a favorite. She comes with a Smashin’ Pack to smash open and this is obviously super exciting for the girls but I was very interested as well, lol. A lot more fun than the traditional “surprise toys”. Sunset Shimmer comes with 7 rock star-inspired fashion accessories including guitar, boots, sunglasses, hair bow, and 2 rock star dresses and Emery is very into it right now.

Both ponies are the same size so you can mix and match the outfits, who else love My Little Pony!?

Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Baby 

Our girls LOVE Baby Alive dolls so they were beyond excited to get this one. This is actually the coolest one I’ve seen yet because it comes with reusable doll food. She also comes with a super cute summer outfit, and ice pop mold, sunglasses, sandals, and utensils.

Furreal Flitter the Kitten / Airina the Unicorn

If we’re being honest we’re going to buy another one of these, and then another backup. Zara and Emery both love this little uni and they fight over who gets to play with her. It’s our first Furreal pet and I actually love it too. Her eyes change color depending on her mood: blue=sleepy, green=hungry, red=cranky, and yellow=happy. The lights and sounds really make the girls feel like she’s real.

Foosketball Game

This is a game my husband was so excited for! Foosketball was easy to put together and so fun for him and I to play. It’s basically foosball and basketball all in one, so get your competitive family members together and start an Easter Foosketball tournament!

PLAY-DOH Kitchen Grill n’ Stamp Kit

Not going to lie, PLAY-DOH compound has been an actual life-saver so MANY times. Every time the girls are mad, sad, cranky, or whatever emotion, PLAY-DOH compound is always something they can agree on and enjoy playing with. As a mom, I DEFINITELY recommend getting a set like this one. It’s super fun for all of us and they play with it for so much longer than just handing them a tub of PLAY-DOH compound. You can make PLAY-DOH compound burgers, hot dogs, and pretend chicken wings with the cutting board mold. Then, place your pretend meats and veggies on the toy grill, close the cover, and the built-in inkpad will stamp “sear” marks to make it more realistic. Endless fun friends, and perfect for spring!


Parents, shop all the Hasbro toys below!



Baby Alive


My Little Pony

Thanks for reading! Happy Easter!

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